Outreach: Young Puppeteers Festival

From 1992 through 2002, we sponsored an annual Young Puppeteers Festival which gave kids and adults a venue for performing their own original shows. Lots of kids stepped onstage for the first time at one of our festivals. Our annual regulars included groups from Willowwind School with large ambitious productions, a group of handicapped kids from Southeast Junior High, Amy and Jeff White, and of course Lizzy Schachterle, who amazed us anew each year with her inventiveness, and who’s now going to school and practicing her art in the Twin Cities.
Fortunately, when we realized that we didn’t have time for everything we were trying to do, Cindy Cochran and her students at Kirkwood Community College took over, so the Festival lives on!
Lee Iben Willowwind School-1st year Lizzy Schacterle
Owl Glass Kids Club