Touching local history!

When: Dates TBD
Where: New Strand Theatre
Cost: Free; donations welcome

In honor of the International Day of Puppetry (March 21), Eulenspiegel presents a favorite community puppet show, John Brown's Journey!

JOHN BROWNʼS JOURNEY is a dramatic retelling of actual events that happened in the southern half of Iowa, in West Liberty, and in Kansas in 1858 and 1859.  Hannah Miller, played by Monica Leo, is the fictional owner of the local cafe, the Travelerʼs Rest, a cafe that actually existed in Springdale and was frequented by John Brown. The show starts as she receives news of Brownʼs death. She shares the news with his donkey, Jack, who stayed behind in Springdale when Brown left to perpetrate the raid on the US armory in Harperʼs Ferry. The show consists of flashbacks played out with shadow puppets and rod puppets, showing the winter journey with the escaped slaves and the training of John Brownʼs militia in Springdale, Iowa. Some of the scenes take place in the cafe as customers read from actual newspaper accounts of the era.  The flashbacks are performed by local community members, to an accompaniment of original music by Ron Hillis. The performance will take place on the 160th anniversary of the only recorded example of the train being part of the Underground Railroad, when a train full of escaped slaves left from the West Liberty depot!

 If you're interested in being part of this year's company, as a  puppeteer, musician, or crew member, please let us know by email or by calling 319-627-2487.


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