Liz Howls Residency: Adult Show

Liz Schachterle brings two shows, one for families and one for adults!

When: April 12, 8:00 PM
Where: Owl Glass Puppetry Center
Cost: $10.00

Music Box is a poetic journey about a woman who seeks to fix what has been broken.  Multiple attempts to fix her old music box causes her to dig deeper into her past to find what she has buried.  Audience members describe this piece as “powerful dark nostalgia.”  Liz Howls performs this one woman show using object puppetry, a miniature rod marionette and a shadow cranky with a haunting musical score. She is a Minneapolis artist that has been performing and creating original puppet theatre for over 15 years.  This  piece was created with funding from a 2016 Jim Henson Foundation project grant.  Most recently she performed this piece at the New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival.


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