Field Trips!

Bring Your School Group to Us!

When: Contact us for dates or schedule a special show!
Where: Owl Glass Puppetry Center or The New Strand Theatre
Cost: group price: $4.00 each

Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre is an excellent destination for your school field trips! We're hoping to be able to hold these again in 2021/22!

With shows that connect to the Iowa Core, include study guides, and take place in West Liberty's beautiful 1910 opera house or Owl Glass Puppetry Center's intimate environment, these events are perfect for grades K-5.

We also offer interactive puppet-infused tours of West Liberty's Heritage Campus, featuring historical buildings including the depot John Brown used during his years in Iowa.

Frequently scheduled shows include:

  • The Big Election for civics, folklore, and voter education.
  • Freedom Star; Gertie's Journey on the Underground Railroad for Iowa Underground Railroad history
  • In The Mirror; Three Tales from Asia for Asian folklore
  • Uncle Rabbit's Adventures for bilingual education and latino folk lore
  • Sal Fink, Catfish Wrangler for American folklore, tall tales, science, and music
  • Appleseed!  A brand new show about Johnny Appleseed and Iowa apple history
  • Kate Shelley's Train Rescue for Iowa History and girl power

Find descriptions of the shows here and email us for dates and times.  Ask us for ideas on funding support.


Eulenspiegel Puppets

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