Thursday Maker Breaks!

Three evening workshops for teens and adults throughout the fall and winter!

When: 3 dates in Oct, Dec, and Feb
Where: Owl Glass Puppetry Center
Cost: $15.00; $35.00 for all three Maker Breaks


Take a break from your routine and and make something fun (October, December, February, & March!)

We're offering three different opportunities for adults (and teens) to gather together, sip wine and other beverages and nibble on snacks while exercising your creativity and making something fun! You can attend one, two, or all three; dates are Oct. 17 (masks), Dec. 12 (pop-ups), and Feb.13 (shadow puppets). Find details in chronological order.

 Enjoy the fellowship of other artists and craft aficionados while creating a lovely objet d’art!  

The $15.00 fee includes all materials. Sign up for all three Maker Breaks for $35.00, by email or by phoning 319-627-2487. 





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