Pre-Festival Workshops

Spend Friday afternoon learning puppet techniques!

When: Friday afternoon, Sept. 10, 2021
Where: TBA
Cost: $15 per workshop; $40.00 for all three
Friday afternoon, Sept. 10, out-of-town puppeteers here for the Children's Festival will present workshops open to the public, puppeteers and non-puppeteers alike. Cost is $15.00 per workshop or $40.00 for all three. Children in the West Liberty School district may attend the last workshop free of charge.
Hands-on Introduction to Marionettes
Marionette wizard Kurt Hunter will bring many of his impressive collection of marionettes, including scarf marionettes and more traditional marionettes. Kurt will demonstrate their workings and participants
May practice and play to their hearts’ content! Location TBA
Needle Felting
You’ve seen Pam Corcoran’s charming needle-felted hand puppets and rod marionettes at Children’s Festival and Owl Glass Puppetry Center!
Pam will teach you how to make your own puppets and animals using wool in many different colors. Learn this relaxing art form you can practice while conversing with your friends, listening to your favorite podcast, or daydreaming.
Location TBA
Make a Wooden Spoon Puppet and Do a Show!
Join Minneapolis puppeteer Kallie Melvin in creating a character using accessible materials, creativity, and personal inspiration! Make a community super hero, a character from a favorite story, or a self-portrait as a super hero!
Explore materials, create puppets and animate them! Tell your story!
Location: outside of the West Liberty Public Library 


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