Shadow Puppet Class

Kids make shadow puppets and stages online!

When: JUne 22, 24, and 26, 2:00 PM
Where: Online through Zoom
Cost: free
Summer Puppet Class!
Create a story, puppets, and a stage! Sponsored by the Muscatine Art Center!

Join the Eulenspiegel puppeteers in creating a brand new shadow puppet show about the animals around us and the crazy things they’re up to while we stay in! Write the story together, make the puppets and staging, and perform and record the show over Zoom! Kids should be old enough to draw and cut out their drawings (or have a helper!). They need to commit to attending 3 meetings. Here’s what you can expect:

1. During the first meeting we’ll develop a series of short scenes all based on what animals and nature are doing while we humans are cooped up indoors. The puppeteers will start with an outline, and kids will fill in the details. After the first meeting we (Stephanie and Monica) will develop the ideas into a script with as many scenes as there are family groups participating and email the script to participants.

2. During the second meeting, we will make the puppets and staging. We’ll demonstrate and kids will work right along with us. If you’re in or near Muscatine,you can pick up supplies at the Art Center; if not, we’ll send you a list of easily accessible materials. Each family group is assigned one scene and we spend some time exploring how it can be performed. After the 2nd meeting kids practice their scenes.

3, During the third meeting, each kid or family group will perform their scene for everyone else. We’ll record these, send each family a copy, and post the show on the Art Center website and the Eulenspiegel Facebook page.

Sign up here: Call the Muscatine Art Center at 319-563-263-8282 or email


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