Summer Class for Adults!

Earn 3 credits through Grant Wood AEA!

When: July 31-August 4
Where: Owl Glass Puppetry Center
Cost: $290.00 (includes materials)

Monday, July 31-Friday, August 4

Have you always wanted to learn more about puppetry?

Our summer class for adults is approved by Grant Wood AEA! If you're a teacher, you can take the class for three credits toward recertification, but anyone, teen or adult, can take the class for fun and personal enrichment. You will learn:

  • To write a play with solid dramatic structure
  • To make and use shadow puppets, hand puppets, and a simple shadow puppet stage 
  • To make an additional puppet, such as a rod marionette, of your choosing
  • To teach what you learn to youngsters if you are a teacher or youth worker
  • To incorporate puppetry into your curriculum if you teach

Call or email today!

319-627-2487 or 319-512-6145

The class allows time for individual work of your choosing!