The Bremen Town Musicians

A classic Grimm's fairy tale!

When: Saturday, April 15, 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Where: New Strand Theatre
Cost: Donations welcome

Eulenspiegel Puppets presents a new adaptation of The Bremen Town Musicians, a beloved Grimm’s fairy tale! In this version, Till Eulenspiegel’s donkey retires and makes common cause with a bluesy hound, a rockin’ rooster, and a jazzy cat. They outsmart two “granny scammers” caught taking advantage of their former owners, settle in an abandoned cottage, and take their musical act to the streets of Bremen Town! 

Performed with live music—guitar, piano, and singing—by musician Laura Kittrell and both puppeteers! This show can be presented as a drive-in show!


Eulenspiegel Puppets

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