Five Suns of the Aztecs

Diversity and Community Involvement!

FIVE SUNS OF THE AZTECS is a bilingual show based on Aztec creation myths. It uses beautifully painted articulated flat figures, flowing silk, and live music to tell dramatic stories about the creation of the world: the sun, mountains, rivers, rain, flowers, and creatures. The Aztec gods Quetzlcoatl and Tezcatlipoca discover that everything goes smoothly when they work together instead of competing.

Eulenspiegel puppeteer Monica Leo along with Eli Portugal from Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico will bring this show to your community!  With Portugal and Leo acting as narrator/musicians, they will rehearse and perform it with your community members during a 3-day residency.  In addition to rehearsing the show, the puppeteers will be available to present workshops in puppetry and in Mexican Children's Songs and Games.  Portugal and Leo have performed together since 2007 with a bilingual production called Stories and Cuentos