Eulenspiegel's Circus (Virtual)

A fun show, outdoors or indoors!

In EULENSPIEGEL’S CIRCUS, a joyous fantasy featuring tabletop puppets, a kazoo band, and lots of silly business, Till Eulenspiegel, the troupe’s namesake, is celebrating his 10th birthday. His mother, Millie, gives him a mysterious box. He must unlock the secret of the box and find his path in life. In this humorous, fast-paced story, Till meets the Poly Brothers, Marco, Beanie, and Roly; Madame Babuschka and her performing pups, Boris and Natasha; and the clowns, Tinkle and Ding-A-Dong-Doo. He discovers his circus heritage and decides he must have a circus, too! Written, created, and performed by Monica Leo and the late Teri Jean Breitbach.

Currently available only as a virtual performance. 

Curriculum Connections:
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Folk Literature
  • Social Studies (Family Traditions)

Age group:preschool-3rd grade (fun for adults and older kids, too!)