Sal Fink, Catfish Wrangler (Currently not available)

Live music; lots of fun!

Eulenspiegel celebrates our rivers and prairies with tall tales starring Iowa folk heroine, Sal Fink, legendary daughter of Mike Fink, the mighty keel boatman. Sal tames a bear, wrestles a vicious snake, vanquishes a tornado, and plays with her pet pig, Suey. The production features live music, written and performed by Iowa musician Ron Hillis. With lots of sound effects and harmony singing, this performance will leave you humming!  (photo by Michael Kreiser) 

Currently available only as a virtual performance.


Curriculum Connections:
  • Tall tales
  • American Folklore
  • Science (river lore)
  • American history
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama.

Age group:4-94