Virtual Shows and Workshops

Things to watch and do as you shelter in place!

As we figure out how to live through the corona crisis, we want you to have access to our shows and workshops! We want you parents to have teaching aids and you kids to have things to watch and do. We also want to give ourselves a reason to keep producing new shows and workshops. For as long as this continues, we plan to keep adding content: shows, study guides, workshop videos, how-to PDFs, and now and then, a live stream. 


FREE WORKSHOP sponsored by the Muscatine Art Center. Anyone can sign up and participate, no matter where you live!

Muscatine Workshop

Freedom Star: Gertie's Journey on the Underground Railroad This exciting story stars a young girl who escapes slavery and makes her way to freedom with the help of the Underground Railroad in Iowa. Gertie is fictional, but all of the things that happen to her are historical, including her final trip by train from the West Liberty depot.

Study Guide for Freedom Star

Uncle Rabbit's Adventures (Las Aventuras de Tio Conejo) A fun bilingual show featuring Eli Portugal, our late partner puppeteer from Mexico.

Show description

 The Amazing Adventures of Willy the WoollyWilly the Woolly and Bonnie the Bunny go on an adventure! Will they escape the saber tooth tiger and the sinkhole?

Study guide for Willy the Woolly

Here's another show: The Big Election. Who will win the election for Leader of the Beasts? Benny Beaver or Terry Turtle? And how about the ants, the worm, and the duck? How will they vote?

Study Guide for The Big Election

Here's a fun how-to video showing your kids 3 ways to make masks without adult help! And decorate them to look puppety!

Object Theater: Have fun making shows with things you find around the house!

Shadow puppets: Kids, make your own shadow theater and puppets and tell a story!

Stephanie shows you how to make a crankie!


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