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The Eulenspiegel (OIL-N-SPEEGEL) Puppets delight audiences with a large repertoire of international folktales and historical fiction, including Appleseed!, The Big Election, Freedom StarThe Amazing Adventures of Willy the Woolly, Shenanigans: Animals in Charge!, Kate Shelley's Train Rescue, The Snow Queen, and many others.

We’re based in Iowa and tour nationally and internationally. We’re known for original scripts, whimsical scenery, live music, and beautifully crafted puppets of many types.

You can bring us to your community for any or all of the following:

  • Performances in schools, festivals, and events for both children and adults.
  • Workshops in puppet construction, writing, and performing.
  • Residencies that culminate in a professional performance and/or teach aspects of puppetry.


We’ll help you pick the activity that best suits your event or community!


The Eulenspiegel Puppets have performed and taught workshops in 31 states and four other countries. We're experienced teaching artists, and we provide study guides for every show.

(Photo by Michael Kreiser)


If you have questions or want to book a show or workshop, call 319-627-2487 or email!