Shenanigans: Animals in Charge!

A Drive-In Puppet Show!

Eulenspiegel Puppets performs a brand new show featuring the fun adventures animals are having while humans are limiting their community contacts. Based on true stories of animal antics during a pandemic, with a lot of imagination thrown in. Imagine what you might do if you were an alligator visiting a deserted mall! Or penguin released from the zoo!

Mother Earth is depicted by a parade-size puppet. She invites us into this world of wonder and reminds the humans to be kind and respectful to all of her creatures and our environment. This show will delight audience members of all ages. It can be performed as a Drive-In show, allowing plenty of space for social distancing. When the time is right we look forward to performing the show indoors as well.

Thanks to funding support, this show is available to tour to your location at a very reasonable price!

Curriculum Connections:
  • Current Events
  • History
  • Folklore
  • Art 
  • Music
  • Drama