Make and Take Workshops

Fun at a festival or other event!

We offer a series of workshops in which participants can make a simple puppet and take it with them:

Finger puppets:  Make charming finger puppets with wooden bead or pompom heads. felt bodies, and lots of details made of feathers, trim, fur, and sequins!  Make people, animals, dragons, or whatever your imagination dictates!    

Twirlies:  Based on a style of flat paper puppet popular in Asia, these lively characters can dance and twirl, either rod puppet style held below or marionette style worked from above!

Cone puppets:  Based on a popular Czech style, these delightful characters pop up out of a cardboard cone.  Wooden bead heads and cloth bodies are embellished with feathers, trim, fur, and sequins!

Age group:Old enough to cut, draw, color, and use glue!